Our Courses

TEEM is both a lay training organisation and one of the recognised participating theological institutions of the Universities’ Board for Theological Studies. TEEM offers two different entry points into the field of theology: our Certificate courses (entry requirement: basic reading and writing skills in English, Chichewa or Tumbuka) and Diploma in Theology course (entry requirement: MSCE with 4 credits, including in English).

Certificate Courses
We offer basic (meaning here: foundational) courses at a non-accredited level. This course is a church-based training course. The students receive self-study course books and meet weekly in a congregation close to their home with a tutor. Currently, we offer the following course: Certificate in Basic Theology. Shortly, we will launch our new Certificate in Ministry course. Each course is made up of 15 modules/booklets which will take around 15-18 month to finish. The entrance requirement is that the students are able to read and write in the languga of their course choice. The courses are available in Chichewa, Tumbuka and English. The course is offered as a TEE course. For more info click here: Lay/Ministry Courses

Diploma in Theology by Blended Learning
TEEM offers Diploma in Theology (four year part-time distance learning) as part of our academic theology courses. The Diploma is awarded in conjunction with the Board for Theological Studies/University of Malawi. For more info click here: Diploma Course