Accreditation Clarification

TEEM’s Diploma in Theology is directly accredited by the University of Malawi.

In light of the recent developments about University accreditation through the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE),  I would like to use this opportunity to explain TEEM’s accreditation. All students are aware that TEEM is affiliated since 1997 with the University of Malawi. The Diploma in Theology is issued by the University of Malawi in conjunction with the Board for Theological Studies. Or in other words TEEM’s academic accreditation is with the University of Malawi and it is the University of Malawi who accredits our Diploma in Theology. This is the safest academic accreditation that exists in Malawi and there is no need for our students to worry about the accreditation status of TEEM’s Diploma in Theology program.

The Executive Director and the Deputy Director went to the NCHE to inquire if TEEM needs to be accredited by them. We were told that as TEEM does not award the Diploma in Theology (it is the University of Malawi who awards the Diploma) there is currently no need for TEEM to register.

The Diploma in Theology that TEEM offers is accredited and awarded by the University of Malawi in conjtunction twith the Board for Theological Studies. TEEM is one of the recognised participating theological institutions of the Universities’ Board for Theological Studies since 1997. The Board is a result of discussions in 1975 between the University of Malawi and the main church denominations. The aim of the Board is to foster and improve the academic standard of theological education.

Please see below the letter from the TRS department of the University of Malawi clarifying our accrediation:  TRS accreditation clarification. Please also a sample of the Diploma awarded to our graduates: Diploma Certificate Sample.