Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: Is the quality of education in TEEM lower than at a residential College?

The quality of the TEEM courses is ensured through the TEEM study guides. All our workbooks are written by experienced theology teachers who have many years of experience in teaching at different residential theological colleges here in Malawi. The courses are specifically designed to cover the Diploma in Theology curriculum. On top of that, the TEEM workbooks are jointly revised by a number of residential experts in the field, thus ensuring a broad and thorough cover of all the relevant study material.

Q: Is distance learning very different from learning at a residential college?

Distance learning has its unique challenges which are different from the challenges faced in a residential college. Distance learning students need a high level of commitment to their studies because they are left only with the text book for great periods of their studies. Distance Learning is also marked by a higher degree of independent learning. Distance learning students need to develop much more the skills, attitudes and the mindset of taking control of their own learning. They need  to be  more in the driving seat and taking active control of their own learning outcomes. All of these additional skills are great assest for students to have.  Any kind of higher learning aims to install specific subject knowledge, but also develop these kinds of transferable skills which will be of great benefit to a student’s future career.