CBT Certificate in Basic Theology

For our Lay/Ministry Training we use currently material that was developed by Nehemiah Bible Institute in South Africa and was especially designed for ministry training in Southern Africa. The course was recently thoroughly revised and is now available through TEEM in Malawi. The course is offered through TEEM as TEE and not as a correspondence course. This means that individuals do not study the course by themselves, but every student will join a church-based tutorial group. Our TEE booklets typically have between 80-120 pages.

Costs: The course is generally free however students are expected to purchase their own copies of the material. The course booklets are internally subsidized in order to enable every Christian to fully participate.

TEEM Certificate in Basic Theology (CBT)
Duration: 3 modules of 5 courses/booklets each, the estimated course period is around 15 month.

Module 1 – God calls church leaders
CBT1 Grow in your Spiritual Life
CBT2 Called to be Stewards
CBT3 Learning to Pray
CBT4 Develop your Leadership Skills
CBT5 Study the Bible – Old Testament 1
Module 2 – Understand the Church
CBT6 A Living and Growing Church
CBT7 The Story of the Church
CBT8 Good Church Administration
CBT9 The role of Women in the Church
CBT10 Study the Bible – Old Testament 2
Module 3 – The church in action
CBT11 Living in a world of spirits
CBT12 Build happy marriages
CBT13 Help families serve God
CBT14 Meaningful Worship Services
CBT15 Study the Bible – New Testament 1

The second course that we offer is: CM Certificate in Ministry