CM Certificate in Ministry

Our second course is called Certificate in Ministry.

TEEM Certificate in Ministry (CM)
This is a course that deepens and expands the TEEM Certificate in Basic Theology (CBT).
Duration: 3 modules of 5 courses/booklets each, the estimated course period is around 15 month.

Module 1 – Equip the church for ministry
CM1 God’s new world is coming!
CM2 How to interpret the Bible
CM3 Improve your preaching
CM4 Develop church music
CM5 Study the Bible – Old Testament 3
Module 2 – Build up the church
CM6 Pastoral care and counselling
CM7 HIV and Aids: Light a candle of hope
CM8 Develop a children’s ministry
CM9 Train disciple makers
CM10 Study the Bible – Old Testament 4
Module 3 – Reach out to the world
CM11 Bring Good News to the world
CM12 Make a difference to your community
CM13 Deal with conflict in God’s way
CM14 Reach out to people of other religions
CM15 Study the Bible – New Testament 2