TEEM is continiously seeking to develop the ministry entrusted to us further. We have a number of staff members engaged in developing new ministry ideas, updating our current material, designing new and relevant courses as well as researching new outreache  initiatives.

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Our most recent project: TEEM LITERATURE

We have recently heavily invested into our printing department in order to be able to better serve rural pastors better with Christian literature. It is our long-term aim to develop our print department so that TEEM, and other Christian organisations, can print good Christian soft and hard cover books (biblical, theological and spiritual) in small numbers on an on-demand basis.

In most cases the book market is not big enough in Malawi to support print-runs of 300-400 copies for many titles. This simply means that good, necessary and essential Christian literature will never reach the grassroots church. Yet we all know that quality Christian literature is one of the fundamental ingredients for individual and church maturity and is desperately needed in our churches.

Our engagement with grassroots church leaders, especially during our recent lay trainings promotion, brought to the forefront again and again the problem of non-transition from theological studies to church ministry. The necessary transition of theological, biblical, pastoral and spiritual knowledge that was learned during ministerial training does not happen. A lot of theological learning does not make the transition from seminary into church life due to the non-use of English in most congregations. One solution would be to provide theological and spiritual literature in the vernacular. The target markets are both pastors and church libraries, where a church buys the book and makes it available to their members. At the moment such print-runs would simply be impossible, not repeatable and only possible through outside funding, and thereby not-sustainable.

The solution is, especially in light of the needs of vernacular theology, small scale on-demand printing. On-demand printing is not the solution to everything but will fill an important niche in the ministry of the church here in Malawi.

The capacity for on-demand printing, would mean that the literature is available for print for an un limited time because the print -information is now stored electronically. The other advantage is that when the demand (an order) is there, an individual book can be printed. Institutions could then afford to print a few copies of important books and distribute them to key thinkers within the church, something that was not possible before. Printing Machines and Printing Equipment is currently evolving rapidly especially through new technology. These developments make it now possible to purchase affordable and economic on-demand printing equipment for a reasonably small amount.

Small print-runs could even supply theological libraries and interested individuals with a small number of important theological reflections. For example, TEEM held a conference on lay theology in Malawi a year ago, if these reflections could be printed in a small print- run then all theological Colleges could add the material to their libraries. This would enable the churches to engage with the authors and re-examine the biblical cases for lay training, resulting in a deeper appreciation of lay Christians in the church. A telling example of the current problem is Kachere, the theological printing wing of the Theological and Religious Study Department of the University of Malawi. Kachere has due to financial constrains and after a long-time expatriate university lecturer who funded the operations left Zomba, basically stopped publishing. They have not published a book for at least four years.


TEEM has just been given the printing and translation rights from the Good Book Company for their title: Preaching Philippians. This is a booklet (64 pages) of study guides and sermon outlines on the book of Philippians. The material is especially designed for countries where pastors don’t have access to additional resources that can help them in their ministry. The initial response was very positive especially the plan to translate the material both into Chichewa and Chitumbuka.