Bible Subsidy

AIM: To subsidize the cost of Bibles for students enrolling in the lay/ministry training courses.

THE PROBLEM: The Bible Society of Malawi found that in an urban congregation 50% of Christians do not have their own Bible, while in rural areas 80% do not have their own Bible.  It is widely known that there is no Christianity and no witness to Christ without the Word of God. One of the major contributing factors is the price of Bibles, especially for rural congregations. 80% of Malawians live on less than 1 US$ a day, while a Bible costs nowadays more than 9US$. The price of Bibles, like all imported goods, has more than doubled in the last twelve months. Yet local income has not kept up with these developments. Nowadays rural Malawians need to spend around 1/3 of their monthly income (though not of their monthly excess income) in order to buy their own Bibles. TEEM would like to support rural Christians in offering them a discount when purchasing their Bibles. Therefore, we appeal to all well-wishers to assist in enabling local Christians in rural Malawi to purchase their own Bibles.

All donations to this project will be directly used to subsidize the sale of Bibles to our Certificate students. No part of the donation will be used for any other purposes (e.g. transport, postage or administration).