Library Books: relating to Africa

AIM: To purchase additional library books that relate or respond especially to  issues facing African Christians.

THE PROBLEM: The purchase of relevant and quality theological books is a general problem for most African Theological Institutions. The reason is that books are generally not available, as most theological/biblical/spiritual books have to be imported from outside the continent (even books that address African issues). These books are very expensive and are even more expensive if the shipping costs to Malawi are included (we usually calculate 40-50% of the books value  for shipping costs).

TEEM is a distance learning provider both in term of our Diploma but also in terms of our Lay/Ministry training courses. It is our view that our study material must regularly be updated, contextualised and re-thought. When the need arises TEEM also needs to be able to develop further materials to address relevant issues here in Malawi (we were asked to develop a course specifically dealing with Malawian Islam for our churches along the Lake shore where Islam is quite widespread). For these purposes we need to be regularly exposed to new biblical, theological and spiritual reflections by good Christian thinkers/writers, especially from within Africa. Our staff is required to read widely in order to bring the most relevant biblical and theological ideas to our courses so that TEEM can develop relevant and up-to-date reflections in terms of biblical, theological and spiritual developments.

TEEM is also part of the Board of Theological Studies of the University of Malawi. In that capacity we fulfil a vital role in making sound, biblical contemporary and relevant theological thinking available to our student body (a good number of our students are pastors), the wider society and to assist the churches with addressing the manifold challenges (HIV and AIDS, deforestation, sustainable development, poverty) that the Malawian society is facing at the moment. The basis of all Christian reflection is the Word of God, together with a proper understanding of its wider meaning and its relevance.  It is of vital importance for our institutions not only to reflect in a vacuum but to engage with other Christian thinkers, both in the developed world but also more specifically with those here in the developing world, on issues effecting our lives. Therefore, it is important for our institutions to continue to add new books to our library stock.

All donations to this project will be directly used to purchase additional library resources that relate to Africa and African issues.