Staff Houses

AIM: To source funds of any size to invest in additional staff houses.

The problem: One major challenge facing us at the present time is the lack of adequate Staff Housing. The problem originates from a lack of financial resources in the past which barred TEEM from investing into the long-term sustainability of our operation. A contributing factor is the growth of the ministry which resulted in additional staff being employed. To have sufficient staff housing will enable us to reduce the ‘housing allowance’ (traditionally in Malawi this is 30% of the basic salary) that we have to pay in order to attract and maintain well-qualified Staff. In terms of future development, it will be essential to reduce the current level of housing allowance, especially as currently the position (and the salary) of the Executive Director is filled by a missionary from one of our partner churches. Therefore, savings through adequate Staff Housing will be essential for us in maintaining our current level of self sustainability. Our academic Senior Staff are recruited from our member churches in the region,  and they need to be either given adequate housing or an sufficient housing allowance that will enable them to find a suitable house in Lilongwe, Mzuzu /or Zomba (they are the first, third and fourth biggest cities in Malawi). Another important benefit of adequate Staff Houses is that staff members who live in houses provided by the organisation are less likely to be tempted to leave their jobs for better paid positions in town. Having our own houses would dramatically reduce our staff costs and with it the overall costs of our TEE program. It is anticipated that a Senior Staff House (3 bed-room house) costs around 10 million Kwacha to build (around 24,000 US$).